Day 21, Rough Start #TransAmRide4TBI 7/29/17

A little too much fun the night before made waking very difficult, but I did finally drag myself from bed. As I got ready to ride I kept expecting to get a call from Jr wondering where I was (his company had gotten us our own rooms). So I scrambled and finally got myself and my bike and gear down for breakfast a little before 9am. No Jr. 

I texted him and few minutes later got a response that he was awake. Half hour later a text he was moving. I knew at this point it was going to be a tough, but short day of riding. It wasn’t until around 11am that we were finally off and rolling. We earned that night of fun, just meant a little more work.

The first few miles were easy and pretty. Our best route out of town was on a nice little bike path. It was quite an enjoyable start, but unfortunately that didn’t last long. We were soon on the city streets getting stopped at light after light, and were going nowhere fast. Over an hour into the ride we entered Missouri and took a short break. 

Once back on the road we were still stuck on city roads and plodding along. The continual traffic lights were annoying. It seemed like forever before we finally got out of town and started to actually ride. 

One the city slipped behind us our progress was much better. Jr was feeling better and we finally were making good progress. The riding was scenic, but uneventful. 

Late in the afternoon we came across a nice little country farm store, and made a stop. We bought some fresh fruit, and I got the first Sarsaparilla in years. Very tasty. Jr was less than impressed by it. 

Back on the road we had a goal of riding just over 100 miles for the day. There was a free camp site we were trying to reach for the night. Unfortunately, we were running out of daylight and still had a ways to go. Both of us were getting tired, but I managed to find a little reserve and put in a big pull the last 10 miles to get us there. 

We ride across a train track just before the camp ground. We no sooner got off our bikes when a train came rolling through and stopped right on the tracks we’d just crossed. If we’d been one minute later we would have been stuck on the other side for half an hour waiting to get there. Got lucky on that one. 

There wasn’t much to the camp ground, it was mainly for fisherman using the access to the river there, but it was enough for us for the night. We set up camp, ate, and were soon in our tents for the night. Another day of riding complete. 

#TransAmRide4TBI 3600mi for #TraumaticBrainInjury #TBI please help and make a donation


About Douglas Sawyer, MS, ATC

I am an athletic trainer who is also a very avid athlete. My first love is running, but I also love cycling and triathlons and many other activities. I'm not a swimmer though, I just don't drown for 2.4 miles... As a athletic trainer I work with sports injuries. I currently work at a school with athletes in 7th-12th grade in a wide variety of sports. I can be found on twitter at two different names: @IronmanLongRunr - where I tweet about run, bike, tri, & more @Longrunr - where I tweet about athletic training
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