Day 9, Back into full gear #TransAmRide4TBI 7/17/17

We got up early, so we could beat the heat. Scenery was so beautiful though that we did take time while eating breakfast and drinking our coffee to enjoy it. Then it was a quick pack and back on the road. 
We quickly put some good miles behind us. Our legs felt great, weather was perfect and we were enjoying life and riding. The easy day had done the trick, we felt great. It wasn’t long before Idaho was behind us and we were entering Utah.

During short rest stop on side of road sheriff pulled up to check on us. Very friendly. Made sure we had enough water, knew where we were going, and them went on his way. 

We stopped briefly mid morning for a short break. Jr had thought he heard a noise from his rear wheel so we checked it out. Sure enough there was a bit of a rub in the hub it wasn’t bad, but dunce there was bike shop near our end point for the day Jr called them and arranged to come in the next morning. The wheel was still very rideable, and wasn’t slowing him so we continued on.

A bit later I noticed something a bit off with my new rear wheel, and so we pulled over again. A couple of spokes were loose, but with that wheel it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t wobbling at all. I tightened them and we were off again. 

About midway through the day we had to get on I84 again for a while. There was a cafe there so we stopped for lunch before getting on it. 

After lunch iron was straight to the freeway. The wind had picked up and we had a ferocious head, and it was getting really hot again (around 110F). The wind just battered the heck out of us. After about 10 miles (1/2 the distance we had to go on it) we pulled of at an exit to take a break. We went under the overpass to rest in the shade. 

While we were resting an of duty officer stopped to check on us. He used to do bike tours himself, and helped out at Some local ones. He wanted to make sure we were ok, had enough water, etc. He knew how hard riding out there was and wanted to make sure we were ok. Chatted with him for a while. Great guy. 

We eventually got on the highway again. Wind continued to pummel us the rest of the way. It was almost torture (true torture was riding my wheel at end of day 7).

We eventually got off the freeway, but things didn’t improve. It was a hot, fierce head wind all the way to Brigham City, UT, where we were staying that night. 

Not long after we got off I84 we decided to stop for a break next time we found shade. It was a while, but we eventually saw some buildings in the distance that we thought would work. Turned out we were wrong. They were inside secure fencing. As we rode around facility we started to notice some very odd things about it and realized it had to be government/military. Turned out we were pretty much right. 

It was still a bit of a haul to our hotel, but we fought on through wind best we could. Just outside off town we saw a gas station and the words ice and cold. That was magic to us and we quickly pulled over. I don’t drink soft drinks, but that huge cup of coke hit the spot. 

While we were there a couple guys came in and stopped to ask about our ride. One was former military and totally understands about effects of #TBIs. Great guys and we had nice chat with them.

We finally ride the last miles into town, where we used some of Jr’s points and checked into a hotel. It was a hard day, but physically we still felt good and strong. 

#TransAmRide4TBI 3600mi for #TraumaticBrainInjury #TBI please remember to check out Brain Injury Association of New York State’s website and make a donation to the cause:

 All money goes to them. I’m self funding this ride


About Douglas Sawyer, MS, ATC

I am an athletic trainer who is also a very avid athlete. My first love is running, but I also love cycling and triathlons and many other activities. I'm not a swimmer though, I just don't drown for 2.4 miles... As a athletic trainer I work with sports injuries. I currently work at a school with athletes in 7th-12th grade in a wide variety of sports. I can be found on twitter at two different names: @IronmanLongRunr - where I tweet about run, bike, tri, & more @Longrunr - where I tweet about athletic training
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  1. You’re fully funding this trip? What about me? You need to change that to we’re fully funding this trip!

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